SUMR at Notre Dame
A brief history of the SUMR program
The Seminar of Undergraduate Mathematical Research was started in 1989, when it was noted that few Notre Dame undergraduates had been pursuing graduate work in any of the mathematical sciences. Created and maintained by Frank Connolly, its original goal was to give encouragement and direction to the ablest mathematics students at Notre Dame. There were two students during each of the first three years. The program sought to create a cadre of undergraduates with an unusually high level of mathematical accomplishment and a strong capacity to pursue graduate work in one of the mathematical sciences. During the last 13 years the seminar has grown significantly in size and breadth. It has, by any measure, been highly successful in its original goal of placing Notre Dame students into the top twelve graduate programs in the country. It has been specifically singled out for praise in each of the last two departmental reviews by visiting mathematicians.

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